design + illustration by sandra

sando and friends custom stationery design

CUTE STATIONERY for Sando + Friends
Every piece holds a story to accompany on your daily adventures or share with friends.

FRESHLY ONLINE for Shoalhaven Plan Management
Some of the most reliable and personal NDIS providers, supporting those who need it most.

DYNAMIC WEBSITE for Sydney Edible Garden Trail
An ever-growing community of gardeners, enriching our sustainable future.

WEBSITE REDESIGN for Bridget Kennedy
A contemporary jewellery and object artist who gives back more than she takes.

If we haven’t met yet, hello! I’m Sandra, a creative based in Sydney, Australia. Websites, illustration, graphic design, or any other skill I can offer – making a positive impact on someone’s day (and future!) is the reason I do what I do. STUDIO SANDOITCHI is that neighbour who comes ’round to nudge the static out of your TV; that friend you call up to fix the lightbulb that’s been flickering for weeks. (Uh… where are you going with this, Sandra?) Ok, so I’m no electrician, but just like lightbulbs are to ideas, I’ll proudly be the helping hand to give your dreams a freshly polished glow.

The art of making things and helping others has always been part of me, and so I find it extremely difficult to narrow down my creative practice to a single discipline! Day to day, there is a continual flow of ideation, production and experimentation happening inside my mind. Traditional or modern, organic or digital, playful or serious – these terms constantly overlap towards a point of balance where I feel my practice can only be called ‘creative’. Why spend energy seeking a box to fit inside, when you have so much more potential waiting to be explored and shared?

When you work with me, you’re not with a giant agency who’s got no time for human connection. You’re working with an open-minded, empathetic, organised individual who looks for the story behind your project. I will scratch past the surface, into the nooks and crannies of ‘why’, and create something uniquely you! From small businesses to personal projects, together we can make something attention-grabbing yet functional that shows your audience you deserve to be recognised.

So let’s chat! Sando’s got your back. (。•̀ᴗ-)