website redesign

for Bridget Kennedy

the objective

As part of my Design degree at UNSW Art & Design, I interned at Bridget Kennedy Projectspace. Bridget’s contemporary jewellery and object studio is solo-run and highly known for her sustainable practice. Due to the events of 2020, society was moving rapidly online. Bridget’s website was in need of an update to keep up with the increase in digital traffic and a recent rebranding.

website redesign for bridget kennedy
website redesign bridget kennedy
bridget kennedy old website landing page

learning experience

The main issue with the old website was it’s lack of responsiveness for other devices and the organisation of navigating the site. Coming from a graphic design background, my experience in web design favoured aesthetic and user-experience. My first instinct would have been to cut down a lot of the written content and focus on the visuals, but this project taught me that’s not the case with websites. You need to consider SEO.

And so, after learning a completely new design software (Elementor Pro), I put together a new website that balanced aesthetic and positive user-experience with the great amount of written content Bridget already had.

the result

Since completing the website, I now casually manage it and make edits when help is needed. With Bridget’s career (and my own) constantly evolving, so is the website. I learnt so much working on this project and it led to even bigger ones. Thank you, Bridget, for trusting me and taking me on!