Hi! I'm Sandra, an honours student with experience across a variety of creative fields, including illustration, graphics, spatial and web design. I frequently engage with concepts that bring together organic and digital mediums, seeking balance between traditional methods and our increasingly digital society.
Through my work and conduct, I aim to maintain a consciousness of environmental and social impact. This often guides my professional and independent practice, which is fueled by my trust in art and design as a tool for stimulating change. I believe that influencing an audience’s thoughts, discussions and actions have the power to develop deeper impact, as opposed to providing ready-made, material solutions.

Sandoitchi or サンドイッチ actually means 'sandwich' in Japanese. From growing up exposed to Japanese popular culture, studying the language and travelling to Japan as part of high school, I started going by this name online, in 2017. Though, to be honest, I chose it mostly because it was a unique word that sounded like my name. But 'sandoitchi' also seemed to represent me - a combination of random creative fields, cultural backgrounds and experiences, all sandwiched into one. Over the years, the name has just stuck and I can't seem to let it go!
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At the moment, I'm not open to commissions and new projects until 2022, but i'd be happy to answer any questions or help out where I can!
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