I’m a freelance creative based in Sydney, Australia.  Websites, illustration, graphic design, or any other skill I can offer – making a positive impact on someone’s day (and future!) is the reason I do what I do. STUDIO SANDOITCHI is that neighbour who comes ’round to nudge the static out of your TV; that friend you call up to fix the lightbulb that’s been flickering for weeks. (Uh… where are you going with this, Sandra?) Ok, so I’m no electrician, but just like lightbulbs are to ideas, I’ll proudly be the helping hand to give your dreams a freshly polished glow.

The art of making things and helping others has always been part of me, and so I find it extremely difficult to narrow down my creative practice to a single discipline! Day to day, there is a continual flow of ideation, production and experimentation happening inside my mind. Traditional or modern, organic or digital, playful or serious – these terms constantly overlap towards a point of balance where I feel my practice can only be called ‘creative’. Why spend energy seeking a box to fit inside, when you have so much more potential waiting to be explored and shared?

When you work with me, you’re not with a giant agency who’s got no time for human connection. You’re working with an open-minded, empathetic, organised individual who looks for the story behind your project. I will scratch past the surface, into the nooks and crannies of ‘why’, and create something uniquely you! From small businesses to personal projects, together we can make something attention-grabbing yet functional that shows your audience you deserve to be recognised.

So let’s chat! Sando’s got your back. (。•̀ᴗ-)


Including but not limited to! Depending on the project, I’ll also be open to sticking around for maintenance or ongoing support (eg. for websites).


From 2018 to 2021, I studied a B. Design (Honours) degree at UNSW, majoring in graphics and spatial design (which is a mix of art installations, experiences, and architecture). During my last year, I completed an internship in website design and it resonated with me so much! This then led to the creation of my small freelance business: STUDIO SANDOITCHI. Since then, I’ve been able to have the full control and freedom to assist people to the best of my abilities. If I lack knowledge in something, I will gladly learn a new skill or point clients in the direction of extra help.


My alias Sandoitchi or サンドイッチ means ‘sandwich’ in Japanese. As of growing up exposed to Japanese popular culture, studying the language and travelling to Japan as part of high school, I started going by this name online, in 2017.

Though, to be honest, I chose it mostly because it was a unique word that sounded like my name.

But ‘sandoitchi’ also seemed to represent me:

A combination of creative fields, cultural backgrounds and experiences, all sandwiched into one.

Over the years, the name has just stuck and I can’t seem to let it go!

the future

It has been my childhood dream to be an artist or illustrator. So outside of helping clients, I have a side-project called ‘Sando and Friends’. This is an illustrative story inspired by my life experiences and, of course, my sandwich alter ego. I write, draw and share ‘episodes’ across social media, creating an alternate universe for people to immerse themselves in.

Some of my followers and I have imagined this universe as a cosy video game in the future, but for now, were taking our time working on world building and running a small souvenir shop where I sell my designs as if real items from the fictional town.

Drop by and say hi or send a sandwich emoji 🥪 in the comments to tell me you came from my website! All support is much appreciated!

sando and friends custom stationery design