Website design plays a huge role in representing yourself digitally. As a freelancer, I love designing for personal projects or helping small businesses freshen up their online presence by using their existing branding to it’s full potential. No need for a rebrand, unless that’s something you’re interested in or can definitely benefit from.

Out of all my website design packages below, you’re sure to find one that suits you and your plans! You can find out about my process and inclusions, too.

Included in all Packages
Research + Planning
Basic SEO + Mobile Responsive Design
2 Months Maintenance + Support (Ongoing is optional)

Please note: timelines stated are only an estimate and may not include aspects such as content creation. It all depends on the complexity of the project.

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website design packages

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simply a refresh


As the name suggests! This package is for if you’re looking to refresh your current website or online store. Those who feel their online presence is outdated or maybe needs to align with a recent rebrand – this is the package for you!

Starting from 2-3 weeks, but all is dependent on the state of your current site. Get in touch!

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link in bio


If your online presence is highly driven by social media, you’ll be surprised how powerful and flexible a bio site can be! Easily display contact details, your cafe’s menu or your salon’s services directly from your socials, without the weight of a full-on website. Plus, after finalisation, this’ll all be editable from your phone! Check out my live example.

Single Page (eg. just links): 1-2 days
Multi Page or Content-Heavy: 2-7 days

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This is your standard website design fit with all the essentials, such as a landing page, about, contact and info page according to your needs. Consider my website (the one you’re currently on!) as an example of 5-10 pages.

1-4 Pages (Essentials): 3-4 weeks
5-10 Pages: 4-8 weeks
10+ Pages: 8+ weeks

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Opening an online store? Exciting! Let’s get you up and running on an ecommerce platform of your choice, such as Shopify. If you’re planning to sell in the near future, I recommend starting here as well, to save time and effort moving later on.

Starting from 3-4 weeks, but all is dependent on scope of your plans. Get in touch!

what's included?





For most projects, I follow a similar process. Before we begin building (or redesigning) your website, I’ll research and gain a strong understanding of your brand, audience and aims. This is important to make sure I’m on the same page and our final product is well-thought out for what it intends to be.

Then I’ll go into planning, which may involve draft mockups and gathering content. During this part of the process, we’ll sort out all the necessary tasks to set up your soon-to-be site.

After your approval, comes the fun part – building!
I specialise in visual web design (code is optional), which allows me to develop online spaces efficiently – you’ll have something to look at from day one. My main builder is (using Elementor), but I’m happy to transfer my skills to wherever you prefer to settle, including Squarespace, Wix, Carrd and Shopify.

No matter the size of the website I’m working on, I believe it’s important to always take mobile responsiveness into account and apply basic SEO. We’re living in the 2020s after all! I’m also happy to help out with content creation, such as copywriting and illustration – whatever we need to make your website stand out. With a few rounds of tests, we’ll finalise your website and make it live!

Following the finalisation of your website, I’ll stick around for a couple months (with the option of ongoing support at a monthly rate) to maintain, tweak and make sure your site is running smoothly in the long run.